Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sunday Day School Re-Told

This will be a weekly post. These are the Bible stories Gabe is being taught at Surfside Kids on Sunday mornings. We always ask him about what he learned and talk it through with him. The initial re-telling is always hilarious. He always seems to get "the bottom line" though. =)

Jesus Calms The Storm
as retold by Gabe

"Jesus was on a boat with a lot of guys. But it didn't have a motor. So they rowed and they rowed and they rowed. And then there was lighting, and thunder and a LOT of wind and they got REALLY scared. So they went down the stairs and woke up baby Jesus and he said, "Guys, RELAX!!!" and he got a piece of tape and fixed the boat. Then they weren't scared anymore. "

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