Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Barack Obama

The setting: Driving home from pre school

Gabe: Mom, I thought you said John McCain was going to be President.

Me: Well, Gabe... that's the great thing about America. Whoever gets more votes gets to be President. It's called democracy.

Gabe: So Oh-rock Obama is our president now?

Me: Yup. BAH-rock Obama is our president.

Gabe: But I liked John McCain.

Me: Why?

Gabe: Because he isn't black.

Me: (in my head) *oh my gosh, we HAVE to get the stank out of this hick-town fast! Why is my son racist? Quick Windy, make more black friends!*

Me: out loud- Why don't you like black people Gabe? Mr. Jim is black, you love Mr. Jim right?

Gabe: Yup. I love Mr. Jim. Can we go to Ms. Laura's for lunch? (Mr. Jim's wife)

Me: Hey Gabe, did you think Mommy and Daddy didn't like Barack Obama because he was black?

Gabe: Ummm.... No??

Me: Because we love black people. We love all people, all colors. And the reason we voted for John McCain was because we agreed with him on more things. But now that Barack is our president we have to love and accept him. And pray for him at night. He's got a tough job. Can you remind Mommy to pray for Barack Obama tonight at bed time?

Gabe: Yup.

He remembered too. He always remembers.


  1. Jorie asked me what color she was and I said "white." She looked at her arm and said, "I'm not white, I'm peach!"

  2. Ok, speaking of Barack Obama. Yesterday, Joseph told his class that "Barack Obama was our president and he was going to fix our country." Can I just mention that sarcasm doesn't translate to preschoolers? We don't often make comments about politics, but I guess they pick up more than we think! *blush*