Monday, October 19, 2009

Blankie Sniffers

Does anyone else out there in cyberspace have a kid who is a "Blankie Sniffer"? Gabriel has always held his blankets up to his nose ever since he was an infant! He just cuddles it up over his mouth and smells it. He also has a weird obsession with the tag of the blanket. He likes to rub it. I know.... we are a freak show here. It's awfully darn cute though.... might start getting weird when he's 17 and sniffing blankets during Play Station sleepovers with his buddies though.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Butt Bread

This morning my husband was out in the kitchen making Gabriel breakfast. As my sleepy-morning-loathing-self stumbled into the kitchen, Gabriel greeted me by saying:

"Mom! I'm eating BUTT BREAD!"

I looked at Justin and saw him pulling the heals of the loaf of wheat bread out of the toaster and smiling.

"Butt bread, nice one Dad." I responded sarcastically. :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We Love Black People

Last night my husband ditched me to go see Rob Bell speak in Tampa *can you hear the resentment in my "voice"?* My friend Julie came over and we went for our weekly jog, but this time had kids in tow. Not quite as relaxing as normal, but equally entertaining as most moments are with Gabriel and Zoe.

Zoe loves to wave to pretty much every person that jogs by on Bayshore and begs to pet every dog ("goggy") that is being walked. Gabe loves to correct his little sister when she is mistaken. As was the case last night:

*Older White man jogs by*

Zoe: "Hi Poppy!!!" (Poppy is my Dad- she apparently thinks a lot of men look like Poppy)

Gabe: "That's not Poppy, Zoe!"

*African American man rides by on his bike*

Zoe: "Hi Poppy!!!"

Gabe: *in a loud voice* "Zoe, Poppy doesn't have a black face!!!"