Monday, February 22, 2010

No More Training Wheels!

Today was the day that Gabe learned how to ride his bike on two wheels! It only took two tries and he had it down. I was so proud of him. I could totally tell he was a little scared, but the promise of a lollipop and a new pair of kicks seemed to do the trick. :) Can't wait to hit the Pinellas Trail with him now that he can keep up!! Good job Gabe!

Monday, February 1, 2010

When I'm Old And My Hair Is White...

Gabriel is such an awesome helper in the kitchen. I particularly love baking and cooking with him when Zoe is napping because they are in the stage (Um, it's a stage right??) where they fight over EVERYTHING! It is our special time together.

We made vegetarian lasagna the other day. He loves peeling onions and chopping veggies (YES, I let him use sharp knives! Don't judge me!) and he eats more of his dinner if he has a role in preparing it.

Here's our precious conversation:

Me: "Gabe, someday when you are older you will be the most fantastic chef and will make your wife really yummy meals. She'll be so lucky."

Gabe: "Well, when you are old and your hair is white I'll cook for you too Mom. I'll take care of you and Dad."

Me: "I'd love that Gabe. How about when I'm so old and crazy that I wander the streets in my bathrobe. You will come get me and bring me home?"

Gabe: "Yup."