Monday, May 31, 2010

Date Night With Mom

Gabe and I headed to the neighborhood IHOP the other night for some one on one time. He ordered chocolate chip pancakes with a chocolate milk *facepalm* (Google it.)

He is starting to read small words and spell them too. It is the coolest thing and I'm really happy we started reading to him every night when he was so little. His skills and interest in reading are TAKING OFF! It's awesome!!

So here's a snippet of a conversation we had:

Gabe: *stares at sign on our table* "Whoa! Mom!!! Kh, Kids. Eh, Eat. F- F- Freee!!!!"

Me: *Smile*

Gabe *thoughtful pause* "Is that why you brought me here???"

He knows me so well!!! He cracks me up!!

Friday, May 7, 2010


I was told tonight by my good friend that Gabe had something called M.A.S. which stands for Man Answer Syndrome. She further explained that this is the need that guys have to sound like they know what their talking about. So if they don't know the answer to something, they just keep talking like they do! HAHAHA! This was her conversation with Gabe on the playground during our church softball game....

Mara: So your Dad is playing softball tonight?

Gabe: Yup. He plays for the Tampa Bay Rays

Mara: Oh, wow... really? What position does he play? 1st base?

Gabe: 4th base.