Thursday, February 5, 2009

He Can Have My Penny

This morning we went to Chuck E Cheese. My kids LOVE Chuck E Cheese and if given the chance to go to Disney or Chuck E Cheese, it's quite possible they might pick Chuck E Cheese. Anyways.... with my trustee coupons and our play group friends to split with we were able to play for 3 hours and eat all the pizza and drinks we could fathom for $10. Not to mention the pop rocks and dum dums that Gabe picked out with his ticket prizes. He was also quite excited about finding a penny on the floor. Gabe loves money.

When we got in the parking lot a scruffy man came up to me and asked me if I had any money. I didn't have ANYTHING, only my debit card and I told him I was sorry. After we got in the car Gabe said, "Mom, that guy looked hungry. He can have my penny." I almost cried.

We went to McDonalds got some burgers and drove back to give him the bag. He was very gracious and ripped right into them.

Your heart is good Gabe. I pray you continue to love others as much as you do now. You teach me more than I teach you some days.


  1. Oh Windy -- this is so precious. It amazes me how these little people, with less than half a decade of life under their belt, can be so gracious and compassionate. Makes my heart melt. Means you're doing something right. Love you and that crazy boy of yours.

  2. I'm going to cry! I almost choked on my coffee! Big hug, Gabe! I'm so glad I get to see this child-like faith! :)

  3. I had previously skipped over this one I guess, but wow! He's only so kind and generous because of the wonderful parents who set the good example. Teared up, so sweet!