Friday, February 20, 2009

Ninja Girl With Allergies?

A lot of the the time Gabe will tell me things and I'll have absolutely no idea what he's talking about unless I ask A LOT of context clue type questions. Can anyone relate? For instance.... today I bought some bologna. We don't usually have this mysterious lunch meat at our house because 1.) I'm still not exactly sure what it's made out of and 2.) my Mom (the health freak) use to tell us we would die if we ever ate it when we were little

Gabe: "Mom let's go to Wendy's." He does this pretty much every day on the way home because when we DO get lunch there it is a total treat. He knows it is the home of the Frosty.

Me: No, Gabe we are going to have bologna and cheese sandwiches today.

Gabe: But Mom, that red ninja girl is allergic to bologna.

This just made me laugh. If you just read that statement and didn't at least giggle there's just something wrong with you.

Me: Where did you see this ninja girl Gabe?

Gabe: On G.I. Joe.

Me: Well, you're not allergic to bologna so you'll be okay.

Gabe: How do you know? I might dis-plode if I eat it.

Gabe says displode instead of explode. I think it's cute so I just go with it. He's growing up so fast. He couldn't say his "L's" for a long time and magically last week he started saying them correctly. "Whaaa-wee-pops" are now "lollipops" and "why-ons" are now "lions." Makes me proud, and sad at the same time.

Back to bologna allergy ninja girl.... I just think it's amazing and funny how kids can remember everything. Even one random line from the G.I. Joe movie.

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