Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We Love Black People

Last night my husband ditched me to go see Rob Bell speak in Tampa *can you hear the resentment in my "voice"?* My friend Julie came over and we went for our weekly jog, but this time had kids in tow. Not quite as relaxing as normal, but equally entertaining as most moments are with Gabriel and Zoe.

Zoe loves to wave to pretty much every person that jogs by on Bayshore and begs to pet every dog ("goggy") that is being walked. Gabe loves to correct his little sister when she is mistaken. As was the case last night:

*Older White man jogs by*

Zoe: "Hi Poppy!!!" (Poppy is my Dad- she apparently thinks a lot of men look like Poppy)

Gabe: "That's not Poppy, Zoe!"

*African American man rides by on his bike*

Zoe: "Hi Poppy!!!"

Gabe: *in a loud voice* "Zoe, Poppy doesn't have a black face!!!"


  1. LOL...Ryley made note of all the "black people" that walked into an elevator the other day with us...sigh...thankfully they just laughed at his "honesty"

    Blake's old preschool teacher told him she was "chocolate" so for the longest time he would point out all of his black friends and tell me how they were chocolate...I was fine with it until we were in a restaurant one night and he proceeded to tell our waiter about how we were vanilla and he was chocolate...ugh. I had to of course explain where he got that whole thought process from...heh