Monday, October 19, 2009

Blankie Sniffers

Does anyone else out there in cyberspace have a kid who is a "Blankie Sniffer"? Gabriel has always held his blankets up to his nose ever since he was an infant! He just cuddles it up over his mouth and smells it. He also has a weird obsession with the tag of the blanket. He likes to rub it. I know.... we are a freak show here. It's awfully darn cute though.... might start getting weird when he's 17 and sniffing blankets during Play Station sleepovers with his buddies though.


  1. Blake used to suck his thumb (who am I kidding he still does!) and play with the tag on his blankie too...I think that's rather common actually :)

    As for the sniffing...maybe they like the smell of your fabric softner...that's why I sniff my blankies :)

  2. My 22 year old sister in law still has pieces of her teddy bear that she sniffs at times. He (I use that term loosely bc all that's left of him in tiny fragments of raggedy brown fur) went to college with her, and I'm sure that if she gets married he will on her honeymoon. ::shrugs::