Friday, September 25, 2009

Sorry Son, We Don't Live in Alabama...

Gabe: Mom, did you tell your Mommy that you wanted to be a mommy when you growed up when you were little?

Me: Yes. I guess I always wanted to be a mommy. Why?

Gabe: I want to be a Daddy someday too.

Me: Well, I think you'll be a great Daddy someday.

Gabe: I want to marry Zoe. She'll be a nice Mommy.

Me: You can't marry Zoe because she is your sister

Gabe: But I really like Zoe and I'd miss her if she wasn't near me.

Me: Welp, it's illegal. Sorry kiddo. Maybe you can be neighbors.

Gabe: Nope, I'm going to marry her. Just wait and see.

Me: OK.... I'll see how you feel about that when you're 12.

1 comment:

  1. :) I remember wanting to marry my little brother when I was little, too. I still think the world of him...although, I don't have incestuous thoughts about him anymore. Heh.