Sunday, May 24, 2009

Who's Smarter: Mom or Dad?

Tonight Justin was helping me unload the mega amount of groceries I got at Publix and he started picking on me for bringing home more dog treats. (We have like 10 boxes of dog treats) I tried to explain to him that they were on sale buy one get one free and I had 2 $2.50 off coupons that gave me almost $1.70 in overage which then took money off the rest of my grocery bill. But he just didn't get it... so I told him to leave me alone and I'd find people who would like free dog treats.

Gabe walked into the kitchen and just stared at us, wide eyed... waiting for us to finish our quarrel I guess....

I smiled at him and said,

"Gabe, who's smarter... Mommy or Daddy?"

Gabe rested his chin on his fist as if he were thinking for about 2 seconds and said....

"Ummm..... God."