Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The 4 Year Old Theologian

Gabriel absolutely made my jaw drop today. He's asked me some pretty cool questions before like "Where is Heaven?" but this was even better. Here's our conversation on the way to school.

Gabe: "Mom... did you see that cross on the road?"

Me: "Nope"

Gabe: "Mom, Jesus died on the cross. They put the nails in his hands and he died and three days later he rose from the dead and then it was Easter!"

Me: "That's right buddy!!"

Gabe: "But Mom.... where was Jesus when he was dead?"

Me: "They put his body in a tomb, remember? They rolled the big rock over it to seal it? And then the angel rolled it away and...."

Gabe: "No, no... I know his BODY was in the tomb, but where was his SOUL?"

Me: *jaw falls to floor, I may have swerved off the road a little bit from shock* "Umm Gabe, can you tell me what a soul is?"

I couldn't quite get him to answer this questions. He did tell me he learned the word "soul" at church... whether that church is his pre school or our children's dept at church is still unclear, but I can't remember ever having a conversation about "souls" with Gabe yet.....

Me: "Well, your "soul" is the part of you that makes You... YOU! It's the part of you that feels happy or sad, makes choices, loves, laughs.... is that what you mean?"

Gabe: "YES. WHERE. WAS. HE?"

Me: *trying desperately to think of how to explain Jesus going to hell to break us free of the "Old Covenent" and fulfill the 'New Covenant in 4 year old terms* "Jesus went to hell to see Satan and they got in a big fat fight and Jesus won BIG TIME. And because he won, our souls get to go to Heaven now when we die!"

This seemed to satisfy Gabe. He responded...

Gabe: "Okay. That's good."

I love my son.

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  1. oh yes, Gabe, that's VERY good! :D Good job, Windy - not a bad way to explain it.