Monday, April 20, 2009

I like big FISH and I can not lie...

Tonight we had tilapia for dinner. This was a conversation that occurred while trying to manipulate our children into eating their fish

Me: Gabe... eat your fish. It makes your brain big. You don't want Zoe to have a bigger brain than you do you?

Gabe: No! *shovels fish into his mouth*

Justin: Good job, son.

Gabe: Why does eating fish make your brain big?

Me: Because it has amino 3 fatty-acids.

Gabe: What are fatty asses?


  1. hahaha Oh, my word! This is the best one yet!!!

  2. that is too funny. Kids are great. And half of our family had Tilapia tonight too... Parmesan crusted, yum! Robin

  3. I have an amino 3 fatty-acid! lol