Monday, February 1, 2010

When I'm Old And My Hair Is White...

Gabriel is such an awesome helper in the kitchen. I particularly love baking and cooking with him when Zoe is napping because they are in the stage (Um, it's a stage right??) where they fight over EVERYTHING! It is our special time together.

We made vegetarian lasagna the other day. He loves peeling onions and chopping veggies (YES, I let him use sharp knives! Don't judge me!) and he eats more of his dinner if he has a role in preparing it.

Here's our precious conversation:

Me: "Gabe, someday when you are older you will be the most fantastic chef and will make your wife really yummy meals. She'll be so lucky."

Gabe: "Well, when you are old and your hair is white I'll cook for you too Mom. I'll take care of you and Dad."

Me: "I'd love that Gabe. How about when I'm so old and crazy that I wander the streets in my bathrobe. You will come get me and bring me home?"

Gabe: "Yup."

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